People should be the focus of Buildings

At HBC we believe every building is a living organism capable of promoting health and wellbeing to its users.

Healthy and wellness oriented buildings are the next step of sustainability.

What Does a Healthy Building
Do for Its Users and Homeowners?


Quality of the work environment

Employee stress


Building Certification

Why certify a building?

  • To increase commercial value
  • To increase sales opportunities
  • To serve a part of the society focused on increasing health and well-being
  • To present your realty in an innovative and assertive way
  • To increase interest and retain clients
  • To reduce obsolescence

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"Nature is the standard" - Allan Lopes - HBC Founder

Professional Certification

Why certify a professional?

  • To do the right thing and help people live healthier and better lives
  • To get differentiation increasing your competitiveness in the market
  • To increase the value of your services
  • To become part of the healthy building consultant community
  • To broaden your vision of the future
  • To find purpose in your work
  • To focus on your clients’ health

Product Certification

Why certify a product?

  • To present it as innovative, increasing its competitiveness
  • To increase its value, delivering health and well-being to your customers
  • It does the right thing, helping people to live well
  • To get ahead of the competition by joining the health and well-being market trend
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What makes a Healthy Building?

Architectural project


Acoustic quality

Quality of materials

Plumbing and water quality

Electrical project

Indoor air quality

Landscaping and common areas


Healthy maintenance of the building


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