Check Awarded Certifications

Check Awarded Certifications

The Healthy Building Certificate is a standard for how to create and maintain buildings that improve health and wellbeing

Our mission is to ensure healthy spaces for a wellbeing society.

We want to change the way buildings are understood, designed and constructed .

We believe that the human being should be the focus of building


– Assure and validate that living environments be healthy and promote wellbeing
– More health and productivity for users
– Less SBS´s (Sick Building Syndrome)
– Increased added value to the building
– Increase in the market value and sales speed
– To increase market value
– To speed up sales
– To serve and interact with people connected to well-being and healthier lifestyle
– To brand your project in a position of leadership and innovation
– To increase customer retention.
– Healthy Architectonic design
– Lighting  Quality
– Acoustics Quality
– Indoor Air Quality
– Quality of Building Materials
– Water Quality
– Healthy Electromagnetic fields
– Healthy landscape and leisure areas
– Sustainability
– Healthy building maintenance
It is a profound analysis of a building, following the Healthy Building Certificate parameters, to determine if an existing place is healthy or not, and what can be done to make it better to help increase the health and well-being of those who live or work there.