What is the Healthy Building Product Certification?

The Health Building Certification for products certifies that the interaction with the certified product is not harmful to human health, i.e., the product has been approved in rigorous physical and chemical health tests to its components and/or characteristics. It may be used both in the construction and renovation phases, without prejudice to the health of neither those who manipulate it, nor its end users.

2. Why should I certify my product?

Shifting the focus to the user health and well-being by building materials’ manufactures is a clear alignment with the modern notion of wellness and health as the ultimate goal of the product and service sectors. Apart from comfort and safety, fundamental in any project, health is the final frontier to be sought as a result of the interaction of life with built environments

Besides that, as the real estate venture itself participates in a strong competition in its niche, building materials such as paints, finishing metals, floors, and others, requires the same differentiation and increase of brand and market value. Companies that already have products certified on their salubrity will have a clear market advantage over their competitors. Also, these products’ industry should develop innovation and new technologies. In this way, the Healthy Building Products certification is not only innovative in itself, but it also encourages the evolution of the market.

3. Ok, but can my product be certified?

Your product can receive the Healthy Building Certification PROD (for products) if:

your product has no harmful elements in its composition;

  • it becomes inert after the application;
  • it does not pose a health risk through contact, inhalation, or accidental ingestion;
  • it is a material with the goal to promote health, and it is produced with inert or indifferent materials, as acoustic windows, computer screens, hospital equipment, ergonomic furniture, among others.

4. And what are the steps of the certification process?

The Healthy Building Certificate has a robust online platform capable of managing all phases of the process, from the initial request to the granting of the certificate.

The first step is to access our online system and complete the registration with all the necessary data, then requesting the start of the process;
The system will release the analysis fee charging;

Once the payment is confirmed, the interface for sending documents and technical reports is released;
The technical analysis committee, formed by certified professionals, researchers, and members of the industry, reviews the documentation. If necessary, more documents will be required.

If approved, the product receives the Healthy Building Certificate PROD, falling into one of the above rankings.
fases da cert prod

5. What does the product get at the end of the certification process?

The Healthy Building PROD certificate, plus detailed instructions about the certification and it´s validity;

Digital files with the Certificate, plus the user’s manual;

Contracts and user’s license;

Inclusion in the list of Certified Products on the Healthy Building Certificate website, a reference to all Certified Professionals;

Inclusion in the Healthy Building Certificate Network, a net of construction professionals, certified or not, researchers, and sympathetic public;

Disclosure in the Healthy Building Certificate social media.