Get Know More About Professional Certification

The PRO Healthy Building Certification is awarded to those professionals who are able to combine their expertise with the Healthy Building Certification Parameters to create or maintain healthy living or working spaces.

In order to receive the PRO Certification, the professional will have to complete a theoretical and a practical written test to assess their knowledge level about how a building interacts with one´s health and well-being.

The PRO Certification is relevant for several professional areas, including, but not limited to, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and building maintenance professionals. Medical doctors and other health practitioners may also find it useful to better understand how a building influences the health and well-being of their patients. The PRO Certification may also be suitable to those in search of a more meaningful


  1. Become familiar with the principles of Healthy Building;
  2. Analyze and understand the health and well-being worldwide trend, and how to assimilate it in one’s own services associated with buildings;
  3. Understand what the PRO Certification means in the construction business;
  4. Visualize the possibilities to add commercial value by differentiating oneself in the construction business;
  5. Understand the Healthy Building Certification mission and purpose;
  6. Know and apply both parameters and procedures to get a building or product certified.


1. Market Analysis 

  • Health and well-being market;
  • Health and well-being as a differentiation in the Construction Business;
  • Consumer behavior analysis: decision-making factors;
  • Delivering true and recognizable value. How the focus on the clients’ real needs can increase sells

2. Introduction to Healthy Building

  • Difference between Healthy and Sustainable construction;
  • Building Biology;
  • World perspective;
  • Case Studies;
  • Bibliography.

3. How to project healthy 

  • Architetonic design;
  • Lighting;
  • Acoustic quality;
  • Building materials quality;
  • Piping system and water quality;
  • Electrical project and health;
  • Indoor air quality;
  • Landscaping, plants, and common areas;
  • Sustainability;
  • Healthy Maintenance.

4. Healthy Building Certificate

  • Project Certification;
  • New Construction Certificate;
  • Professional Certification;
  • Maintenance Certification;
  • Product Certification;
  • Certification Points System;
  • Innovation;
  • Opportunities.

5. Certification Process

  • How to apply for the various Healthy Building Certifications;
  • Timeline;
  • Reviews.

6. Getting the Healthy Building Certification

  • The Certification itself;
  • Certification’s Media Kit;
  • User’s Manual;
  • Permissions and allowances;
  • Support Accreditation tools (website, social media, marketing plan);
  • Institutional partnerships.

7. Certification Exam

  • Preparation;
  • Taking the exam.