Efilux Solatube

Efilux Solatube

More Light, Less Energy

The Natural Illumination System Solatube® brings natural daylight to the inner environment of houses, commerce, and industry, without energy consumption.
Solatube® is the world’s most efficient natural illumination system. Whatever is sun’s position in the sky, the system is able to capture, transfer, and spread the daylight in an homogeneous way through the whole division, or space of your house or company.
Created with a revolutionary design and cutting-edge technology, Solatube® is compounded of an acrylic dome that captures and redirects solar light to the interior of a tube coated with 99.7% reflexive material, and through a diffusing lens, the solar light is distributed to the environment in an homogeneous way.
Ultraviolet rays are filtered and the heat transfer minimized. One Solatube® is enough to illuminate an area of around 46m², even in cloudy days.
Solatube® is the leader product in the natural illumination systems’ market, with more than 6 million units sold in over 95 countries.

Solatube® is composed of three parts:
1) An acrylic dome that CAPTURES sunlight;
2) A highly-reflexive aluminum tube that TRANSFERS the light from the outside to the inside environment, and
3) A light-diffusing lens that DISTRIBUTES the light in a balanced way.

A Efilux –Efilux – Iluminação Eficiente, the Brazilian company that offers this product, lists some advantages of this system, when compared with the previously utilized natural illumination systems
“Solatube® is a new tool for architects, engineers, and final consumers to include natural lighting in their environments. Among other advantages of this system, when compared to other natural illumination systems, we can point: the lack of maintenance need, as the dome in the outside is subject to an electrostatic treatment that avoids the accumulation of dust; the heat filter and UV rays, which only let light into the environment, keeping it comfortable; the possibility of directing light to the desired environment, once the system allows it to extend the light’s path up to 30 meters, without losing efficiency and the full control over the light, given that, through the lenses, it is possible to measure the illumination curves, and determine how much light is wanted before the installation.” Explains Sérgio Kanas, responsible director if Efilux – Iluminação Eficiente.

Solatube® is in Brazil since 2009, being used in residences, warehouses, industries and commerce.
For further information, visit the website www.efilux.com.br or ask for HD images and success cases, through the email: daniel@efilux.com.br

Solatube® International Inc., based in Vista, California, is the world leader for Tubular Daylight Devices (TDD) production. The flag product of the company, Solatube® Daylight System, brings a revolutionary solution for natural illumination, for all kinds of applications, both residential and for commerce. To get more info about Solatube®, or to know more about other products the company sells in Brazil, visit the website www.efilux.com.br

Efilux Comércio de Produtos de Iluminação Ltda., based in São Paulo, São Paulo, has as a mission to provide the Brazilian market with efficient and sustainable illumination solutions. The firm aims at reducing the energy consumption with maintenance and reposition expenses; pursuing this goals through advanced technology products. For further information about Efilux or to find other products offered by the firm in Brazil, visit the website  www.efilux.com.br


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Responsible directors: Daniel Markus e Sergio Kanas
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